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...Tullivers Health Shop is set in the heart of the historic city of York, and has been independently owned since 1983. Tullivers' traditional exterior reflects its setting, while the bright airy interior reveals a modern shop that is full of surprises...

Tullivers Herbs & Wholefoods

Premier Health Shop in York

Open: 09:30 - 5:30 (Mon-Sat)
Tel: (01904) 636437
1-2 Colliergate, York YO1 8BP


Latest News:

It's 2 years since Jackie joined our team and through great hard work and talent she has now completed the Health Food Institute Professional Diploma Course with Distinction, achieving a 98% pass mark!  We're so proud of her achievement.

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY: free 20 minute consultations in store

Debra Nobes from Solgar Vitamins
10-3pm Friday November 12th 2014

David Shepherd from A Vogel
herbal tinctures
2-4pm Thursday 30th October 2014

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If you want to resist those cravings for sugary treats and carb-laden snacks, then you could find the answer with a new kind of chromium supplement.  Chromium is needed in the body to form a special molecule called 'chromodulin' which works with insulin to take harmful sugar safely out of the bloodstream.  This helps level out those sugar highs and lows that lead to the cravings that cause us to gain weight and push us towards disease.
Chromium has been notoriously low in the UK diet for decades thanks to farming, food processing and cooking methods. It's also been hard to absorb from food and supplements, such as chromium chloride and picolinate.
But all that has changed! Pharma Nord have have created ChromoPrecise chromium yeast, which has up to ten times better absorption than other supplements. It's even better absorbed than chromium from food.  And it's not Pharma Nord making that claim, it is the assessment of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). High praise indeed.
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