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We started out with herbs and wholefoods in 1983. We still keep many of those original products, but have added many new specialised lines too.

Dried apricots, peaches and cranberries and nutsThe traditional stuff: We pack our own dried fruit and nuts, so we can choose the best. Home bakers love Tullivers' juicy lexia raisins, tiny vostizza currants, and whole peel (including citron). We have 50% almond paste. Local suppliers make our bread (organic flour), tofu, honey and free range eggs. We offer organically grown and fair trade options on many products. BioSnacky packet and cookerThe fresh stuff: Grow your own salads, stir-fries and home sprouted seeds and beans. We have mini greenhouses and numerous organic seed assortments to grow.
GarlicHerbs and Spices: Tullivers stocks over 200 different herbs and spices. You can buy as little as 25gms or as much as you want. Alongside these we have herbal teabags, and green, ayurvedic and fruit teas. A Tullivers special is our seasonal Isle of Wight garlic plaits. dairy free cheese and vegi burgersSpecialist foods: Whatever your special requirements, food sensitivities or allergies, Tullivers should be able to find what you need. We can offer nutritional advice to ensure you will not be lacking any nutrients.

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